Diplomacy in the Mountains

While riding with his horses and servants through a vile and dangerous portion of the mountains, a soldier stopped the author (Audrey Herbert) and demanded his yol teskere (road permit), which was packed away.

Soldier: O Effendi, O my two eyes, give up thy teskere. The merciful government requires this. Praise be to God.

Herbert: God prosper the merciful government! This law is not for me, nor will I unpack my luggage.

Soldier: O educated Sir, O corner of my liver, stay. Thou shalt not pass.

Herbet: O dog, eat dirt, but behold that we part in friendship.

Soldier: I am grateful to you, O Bey. Depart in peace.

“So,” writes Herbert, “in those days were the obstacles of travel surmounted.”

From: http://www.transalbania.com/RideAlbania/Equestrian_History.html

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