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Promised Land

Who is Bill Mason?

From figuring out how to climb higher in the pasture apple tree to trekking barefoot through python-infested Philippine jungles in search of never-before-seen caves, Bill is driven to push the edge, to see what awaits over the next horizon. His journey has led all over North and

Jumaring out of a sink

South America, Europe, Asia, and Hawaii, with no end in sight. Having worked as a mountain guide, EMT, and military officer, his hunger has led him to the very frontiers of human knowledge. While doing first ascents in the mountains was fun and satisfying, a chance meeting in a coffee shop altered the course of his life. Overhearing a conversation about cave diving and exploring places that no human had ever seen, the ragged edge of human endeavor suddenly appeared within his grasp. Caves, rain forests, and the ocean represent the last frontiers on Earth. Only a fraction of the world’s caves have been explored. Of these, only a small fraction of underwater caves have been explored. The ocean’s deep being accessible only to expensive submersibles and ROVs, flooded caves (at any depth) represent the most accessible boundary of absolutely unseen, unknown, unexplored places. The frontiers of science and exploration, pushed so far in physics, astronomy, and medicine, fall at one’s feet in caves. Many archaeological, geological, and paleontological discoveries will surely be made in both dry and flooded caves, not to mention the beautiful realms that await.

Summit of Urus

Join Bill as he shares adventures past and present, from mountaineering in Nepal and the Americas to exploring caves that no human has ever entered to sailing the Hawaiian Islands. Share the good times, the close calls, and friends made along the way.

Bill was a mountain guide in the Pacific Northwest and guided many ascents of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shuksan, and various peaks in the Cascade Range. He worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for one year, has a master’s of science in analytical chemistry and bachelor’s degrees in the therapeutic use of wilderness and environmental chemistry. He is also a cave and trimix certified closed circuit rebreather diver with aspirations to explore high altitude lakes and springs throughout the world. He is currently a captain in the US Army in Hawaii, where he explores underwater caves and searches for undiscovered historic shipwrecks and aircraft.

Summit of Ishinca

Found over a decade after sinking

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    Nice (breathing). Very nice (breathing softer). Thank you (breath with easy smile).

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