Gathering Place


Come, my friends.  Come.  The trail has been long, your burden heavy.  Sit here by the cheerful fire.  Warm your hands on a cup of bush tea spiced with sage.  Here, a handful of pine nuts collected only today.  The Sun sets into a scarlet pool, clouds flash crimson under the mazarine vault of sky.  Venus hangs like a diadem on the neck of the Moon, watching serenely as the rising tide of night washes across the sky.

Breathe deep and be still.  The air here is clear and crisp in the night, scented with cedar. Let the last tendrils of the evening breeze caress the troubles from your cheek.  The earth here is deep-scented and firm – a clear place beside the fire awaits your groundroll.  We will bury hot stones beneath you against the chill of the coming night.  Lay down your body and rest.  Exhale the tension and concern, let the sweet earth hold you completely.  Trust.  Fall asleep to the chattering fire, let the glowing stars be the last thing you see as the thrum of the Earth courses through you like chords, cleansing heart and mind as you dream deeply.

Your arrival is a blessed gift.  I will tend the fire, as more will arrive in the morrow.  Whether our paths crossed long ago or only recently, all are welcomed.  Some carry greater burdens than others, some are new to the trail, others seasoned.  Watch as the circle forms in anticipation of the good things to come.

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2 Responses to Convocation

  1. Fireheart says:

    With your warm welcome I was ready to drop all that I was carrying and sit, and gain balance once again. The blaze crackles a welcome,
    your words arise from the deep place of Truth, the stars glitter their benedictions. Thanks

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